The Greeks

When John Barton, Associate Director of the England's Royal Shakespeare Company, approached me to collaborate on a new translation and adaptation of ten classical Greek plays to be presented over the course of three evenings by the RSC in london, it was an extension of a project that had begun several years earlier at the RSC's Stratford-upon-Avon home, when Barton and I tried out a variety of different approaches to the problem of presenting these ancient dramatic texts in a theatrically vital way. The Stratford project included comedies and even workshop performances of some of Plato's dialogues - appropriately, as the dialogues are themselves miniature dramas, and Plato himself is said to have begun life as an aspiring playwright.

THE GREEKS, then, grew out of that earlier experiment, and the story we decided to tell was the whole sweep of the Trojan War, - as it was recounted and dramatized in the surviving classical Greek plays. The resulting three-evening work created great interest, the entire run was sold out before it opened, and a number of other productions have been mounted since then in the US and other countries around the world. The reception ranged from enthusiastic to skeptical, but no one questioned the bravery of the enterprise, and many audiences left with feelings of having experienced something uniquely theatrical and moving.

The story, addressed to a public coming fresh to the legends, is spellbinding.

London Times

Astonishing, daring, and brilliant.

Weekend Review, London

A marvellous narrative and a healing myth.

The Guardian, London

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