The Curse of Oedipus (previously Oedipus the Man)

Some years ago my two-part translation/adaptation of the Oedipus story, entitled The Legend of Oedipus attempted to do for the Oedipus legend what my three-evening series, The Greeks, developed with John Barton at London's Royal Shakespeare Company, did for the Trojan War - tie together all the parts of the tradition that appear in existing Greek dramas and fragments of dramas, including synopses of lost plays, to create one coherent narrative. This approach was faithful to the spirit of the ancient Greek dramatists, who freely adapted different versions of the myths, combining them and rewriting them to suit their purposes.

In 2012, working with director Casey Stangl, and the Antaeus Company, in Los Angeles, I began to adapt the original two-part version into a more manageable single-evening play, which keeps the spine of the story intact, and highlights those parts that proved most successful with audiences in the Williamstown production.

The result, after several readings and workshops, was premiered at the Antaeus Company Theatre in June of 2014 in Los Angeles, and received enthusiastic reviews. In January of 2015 it was nominated for Best Play, and Best Production, by four separate theatre sites in Los Angeles, as well as a nomination by the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle for Writing. 


Undeniably ambitious ... Prime stuff




FIVE STARS… brilliantly directed… a trip well worth taking, revealing the entire story of the classic legend one riveting layer at a time. It is a rich and deep dramatic presentation



Splendid drama… a spellbinding production… build[s] to a crescendo of thematic power and complexity… impressively accomplished… vigorously audacious



WOW… Spending time with the Ancients has rarely if ever been as exhilarating as it is in Kenneth Cavander's The Curse Of Oedipus. Cavander tells his three-generational saga in language both contemporary and classic [as it] moves lickety-split from dramatic start to thrilling finish



Entertaining, dynamic and inspiring” The Curse of Oedipus is like an amusement park full of different rides.



Dense and multilayered play ... expert retelling of this ancient Greek myth assures a rich and entertaining night at the theater.




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