Jelly Roll Morton Project

I was asked by producer Margo Lion to collaborate with director Tim Mayer on a musical based on the life of Jelly Roll Morton, incorporating some of the recordings he had made with Alan Lomax for the Library of  Congress towads the end of his life. Actor and tap virtuoso Gregory Hines was to play the lead. We worked on the project for about  two years. After a change of directors, a workshop was presented to potential backers, and substantial financing was promised. But not enough. Soon afterwards, I left the project to pursue other writing projects, and George Wolfe took the material to a successful, Tony-award-winning fruition as Jelly's Last Jam.

New & Upcoming

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    The Curse of Oedipus

    • Nominated Best Play, Best Production, including a LA Drama Critics Circle.
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    The Tempest

    • Version of the play by William Shakesepare for contemporary audiences
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    Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

    • Arthurian legend mixes high drama, romance, and danger.
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    C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

    • The story of his struggle to solve the mystery of earthly and divine love.
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    The Greeks

    • The story of the Trojan War as dramatized in 10 classic Greek plays, with Christopher Reeve as Achilles.
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    Hawthorne Country

    • Inspired by stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Allison Janney and Richard Thomas starred.