Beginning as a tentative experiment in the use of the technique known as 'Story Theatre', developed by Paul Sills, and adapted for several shows at the Yale Repertory Theatre by Larry Arrick, this production went from a modest showcase at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, by way of several reincarnations, to Broadway. I directed both the first sketch at Williamstown, and then a second version, with music by Richard Peaslee, also at Williamstown, where it attracted the attention of Zelda Fichandler, Artistic Director of the Arena Stage in Washington. D.C. She took it to the Kreeger Theatre, where, directed by Gene Lesser, it was extremely successful, and from there it was picked up by a group of producers who gave it a home at the Edison Theatre in New York. Subsequently it was produced successfully at several other theatres, most notably in Seattle, at A Contemporary Theatre, proving to be a popular show with audiences each time.


Sophisticated, hilarious, immensely clever

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Throw caution to the winds and go see Boccaccio

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