This is a traditional Irish folk tale, reimagined and expanded for a Young Adult reader.

Conneda, decent and trusting, is the son of the old King of Ireland, who has married a young wife. The new Queen hates Conneda, and tricks him into agreeing to a game of chess he cannot win. If he loses, he must achieve three impossible tasks - bring the Queen the three golden apples of the fairy realm; the puppy hound of extraordinary powers; and the black steed of the fairy king. He must do this within a year and a day or never return.

Conneda, inevitably, loses, and now he must fulfilĀ  these tasks.

And so, armed with little more than his purity of heart and his courage, Conneda sets out. His first stroke of luck is to encounter a mysterious girl, dressed all in green, who guides him to a little shaggy pony. The pony turns out to have unexpected talents and becomes his trusted companion and steed throughout the many adventures that befall Conneda - including an underwater trip through the waters of a vast lake, an encounter with the dreaded Bird of Human Head, the gift of a magical metal ball that leads him on his way, and a ride through the fire of volcano.

Finally Conneda and his little horse reach their destination - a fairy castle - only to discover that there is no way in. It is then that Conneda faces his greatest challenge. He discovers that he must kill his trusted pony, whom he now treasures almost as much as life itself.

How he overcomes this final challenge and what it means for the remainder of his quest is at the heart of the story - and will not be revealed here!

Suffice it to say that Conneda continues on his journey and brings it to a successful end in the nick of time. Only then does he discover the true identity of the mysterious girl in green who helped him on his way.

And the wicked Queen? Her end is spectacular - and just.

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