Clara Has a Past

When fifteen-year old Morgan’s adoptive parents hire Clara Gomez as their part-time housekeeper and cook Morgan immediately takes a dislike to her. Her presence rattles him. What he doesn’t know - and neither do his parents - is that Clara is his birth mother. She has made the trip from Paraguay to America with one thing in mind: to see her son, be close to him, and find out what kind of a man he is growing up to be.  But now that she’s here, her presence sets in motion a cascade of events that threaten to drive mother and son even further apart. Morgan makes a decision that could be disastrous for his future. Still not knowing who Clara is, he turns to her for help. Thanks to her maturity and his own quick thinking, he escapes from the trap he has set for himself. Then it turns out to be Morgan’s turn to save Clara - from herself - when she sets off on a mission of revenge against an enemy from her past.

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