Fact & Fiction

As a writer of drama, I have never thought of prose fiction or journalism as the main focus of my work. Nevertheless, my first regular job after leaving college was in the Home News Room of the London Times. Later, in the U.S., I wrote occasional journalism for a number of magazines and newspapers. They're listed below, with links to their content when it seemed to have a special interest.Recently, I have begun work on a number of ideas and stories that I think are best told as fiction. See Fiction (In Development).

New & Upcoming

Latest commissions, ideas, concepts, sketches, scripts under construction - Kenneth Cavander is always exploring new subject matter. Among the projects engaging him at present ... Read More


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    • Nominated Best Play, Best Production, including a LA Drama Critics Circle.
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    The Tempest

    • Version of the play by William Shakesepare for contemporary audiences
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    Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

    • Arthurian legend mixes high drama, romance, and danger.
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    C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

    • The story of his struggle to solve the mystery of earthly and divine love.
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    The Greeks

    • The story of the Trojan War as dramatized in 10 classic Greek plays, with Christopher Reeve as Achilles.
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    Hawthorne Country

    • Inspired by stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Allison Janney and Richard Thomas starred.