Old Flames

The older generation is Frank and Alice, a couple whose thirty-year marriage is held together by a mixture of affection and bickering, marinated in a brew of hard-won wisdom. The younger generation is their daughter, Shirley, and her husband, Clark, who are in the middle of a trial separation when the story opens.

The action is triggered by Frank's discovery of a bundle of love-letters from long-gone girl friends.  One misunderstanding leads to another, and soon Frank's daughter, Shirley, who is just as independent and ornery in her own way as her father, has invited her mother Alice to come and stay with her. The two are soon having a high old time as independent women on their own.

Meanwhile, Frank is seething at Alice's departure, which he sees as a kidnaping, and makes plans to get her back. He goes to Clark, Shirley's estranged husband, and persuades him that the two of them should take matters into their own hands and reclaim their respective wives like two red-blooded males. Clark agrees. What he doesn't know is that while he, Clark, intends to accomplish this feat by flowers, Frank is planning to do it at the point of a gun.

Alice is duly abducted, and Shirley and Clark are left to give chase, and if possible avert a catastrophe.

The rest of the action follows the pursuit of the older couple by the younger two, with Shirley and Clark trying to prevent the police from turning this into a Bonnie and Clyde confrontation.

From a near-shoot-out at a bank's ATM, to a visit to a Retirement Home where Frank runs into, is pursued by, and only narrowly escapes from one of his old flames, the elderly couple lead their children and the police through a hair-raising series of near catastrophic misunderstandings.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Clark, thrown together by the crisis, have no time to dwell on the differences that drove them apart. Instead, as Frank lands everybody in one absurd confrontation after another, the young couple rediscover their underlying affection and need for each other.

How Frank and Alice are finally cornered back at their house, how they outsmart the police in a virtuoso display of injured innocence, and how Frank also manages to bring Shirley and Clark back together again makes up the climax of the movie.

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