Television & Film: Drama

His career spans television, both dramatic and documentary, film, theatre, and journalism.

My television and film work began in the U.K., with an apprenticeship to director Carol Reed, then writing plays and series episodes for the BBC and Granada, as well as two independent films. After I moved to the U.S., I wrote for both network and PBS television in a variety of styles - straight fiction, adaptations , and docudrama.

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    The Machine Stops (first produced in the BBC Series Out of the Unknown)

    E.M. Forster's classic sci-fi story was ahead of its time when it was first published over seventy years ago, predicting, among other things, the rise of digital interconnectivity. Cavander's adaptation of the story for the BBC will be reissued by the British Film Institute in 2015.
    1st Prize, Trieste International Science Film Festival, 1967

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    The Phillis Wheatley Story

    A true story from the revolutionary era, and the origins of the Tea Party ...

    Monterey County Film Commission Artistic Talent Award

  • Old Flames

    Old Flames

    A romantic comedy in two generations.

  • Hot Dog

    Hot Dog

    Mutt from the pound proves to be Kennel Club Show material - with touching and hilarious results for a single parent family.

  • Forever Wild

    Forever Wild [IN DEVELOPMENT]

    Set in a wilderness boot camp - five characters in search of a stolen fortune ... only one can win.


New & Upcoming

Latest commissions, ideas, concepts, sketches, scripts under construction - Kenneth Cavander is always exploring new subject matter. Among the projects engaging him at present ... Read More


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    The Curse of Oedipus

    • Nominated Best Play, Best Production, including a LA Drama Critics Circle.
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    The Tempest

    • Version of the play by William Shakesepare for contemporary audiences
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    Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

    • Arthurian legend mixes high drama, romance, and danger.
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    C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

    • The story of his struggle to solve the mystery of earthly and divine love.
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    The Greeks

    • The story of the Trojan War as dramatized in 10 classic Greek plays, with Christopher Reeve as Achilles.
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    Hawthorne Country

    • Inspired by stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Allison Janney and Richard Thomas starred.