Television & Film: Drama

His career spans television, both dramatic and documentary, film, theatre, and journalism.

My television and film work began in the U.K., with an apprenticeship to director Carol Reed, then writing plays and series episodes for the BBC and Granada, as well as two independent films. After I moved to the U.S., I wrote for both network and PBS television in a variety of styles - straight fiction, adaptations , and docudrama.

  • Taking Care of Terrific

    Taking Care of Terrific

    Boston teenager learns from a black saxophonist and a bag lady how to be comfortable with those who are different and, just as important, with herself.

  • Called to Africa

    Called to Africa

    The intimate story of celebrated doctor Albert Schweitzer, as seen through his troubled marriage to a woman who sacrificed herself for his vision. (Templeton Award)

  • The Littlest Victims

    The Littlest Victims

    True story of the doctor who proved for the first time that unborn children could carry the HIV/AIDS virus.

  • Three by Shaw

    Three by Shaw

    Adaptations of three of Irwin Shaw's classic tales, The Girls in the Their Summer Dresses, The Man Who Married a French Wife, and The Monument.

  • Wagner


    (Producer for PBS/Narration) The life and loves of the revolutionary composer, starring Richard Burton as Wagner, and tracing the heady years when he was creating his magnum opus, The Ring of the Nibelungen.


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