Television & Film: Drama

His career spans television, both dramatic and documentary, film, theatre, and journalism.

My television and film work began in the U.K., with an apprenticeship to director Carol Reed, then writing plays and series episodes for the BBC and Granada, as well as two independent films. After I moved to the U.S., I wrote for both network and PBS television in a variety of styles - straight fiction, adaptations , and docudrama.

  • Brother Jesse

    Brother Jesse [IN DEVELOPMENT]

    Renegade monk believes Elvis lives - and he has proof!

  • The File on Jill Hatch

    The File on Jill Hatch

    3-part series tracing the tumultuous history of an interracial marriage between an African-American G.I. and a white English girl through two generations after WW2. "A riveting and complex tale." (The New York Daily News)

  • Beyond Narnia

    Beyond Narnia

    Dramatic reconstruction of the struggle of C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, to reconcile the conflicting claims of divine and earthly love.

  • A Special Friendship

    A Special Friendship

    True story of a white Southern slave-owner and her black servant who conspired to spy on Confederate forces on behalf of the Union during the Civil War.

  • Guests of the Nation

    Guests of the Nation

    (Ad. Frank O'Connor) A tragi-comic story of two English prisoners captured by the rebels during the Irish 'Troubles'.


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