Forever Wild



Barreling down a highway in the Pacific Northwest a behemoth of a 10-wheeler is intent on crushing a battered pick-up that chugs along at the limits of its engine power just yards ahead. Inside the 10-wheelers's cabin, the windshield erupts in blood-spatters and splinters of glass and skull bone - a well-aimed shot from the pick-up has sent the trucker's brains flying. The 10-wheeler catapults into a ravine where it detonates in an orgasm of fire.

Then the three people in the pick-up - CURT, a savvy young guy in his twenties, and his two companions - a teenage girl runaway, LYLA, and a truck stop hooker, BETT - disappear into the wilderness together.

Curt had gotten himself in trouble with the trucker back at a nearby gas station but he seems unfazed by the bloody turn of events. In fact it plays into his plan, as he takes the two females back to his squatter's cabin in the forest. Nevertheless, the plan is rudely disrupted a few weeks later when another teenager, MAX, on the run from a wilderness boot camp, shows up in Curt's cozy clearing.

Max was sent to the boot camp on account of various psychological problems, for which he needs medication. But now he's off his meds,  listening to the voices in his head more and more – and they're telling him to do bad things.

It looks worse when, hard on Max' arrival, comes the guide who was leading the group from which Max escaped on their wilderness hike.

The guide, JEFF, is not all he seems,  and neither is Curt. It turns out Curt and Jeff know each other, know each other very well. The hideout in the forest is part of a clever plan to evade the law, and a lot of money is at stake.

So these five people engage in a quickstep dance of death, with twists of betrayal back and forth, interlaced with plain low cunning and dumb luck, as each maneuvers to escape (in the case of Max and Lyla), eliminate rivals (in the case of Curt), seduce and abandon (in the case of Bett).

In the end, the least of likely of them all to succeed makes it safely back to civilization with the loot, thanks to the  murderous intervention of a mother bear fiercely defending her cubs, while the rest wind up mad, back in their previous lives, or dead.

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