Hot Dog


This dog's a mess. Shaggy and unkempt, he looks as if someone has been using him as a mop for their garage floor.

But the moment they set eyes on him at the dog pound the two Tyler children, Beth, 14, and Josh, 10, know he's for them.

What they don't know is that Max (as they name him) is hot, an escapee from a stolen van that was taking him back to his breeder's kennels after winning 1st prize in an AKC show. To the two kids, though, he's the longed-for replacement for their beloved dachshund, their last connection to their mother, who died a couple of years ago. So their dad, Greg Tyler, reluctantly agrees to take in Max.

Max is soon spotted as show material, and so begins a tug of war between Beth and Josh. Beth, just beginning to be aware of boys, sees in Max a surrogate for her dreams of becoming America's next top model; Josh sees in him the friend and confidante he lost when his mother died. Their father make them agree to share, and for a while it works. Max wins prizes - Beth is happy; Josh talks to him and teaches him tricks - and he is happy. But there comes the time when the rivalry between the kids creates havoc in a show ring and Greg sees his neatly ordered existence collapsing around him.

On top of the commotion at home, Greg is in conflict over a tempting offer to return to his old high-pressure job. And all the time the dog's rightful owner, Mrs. Winograd, is on the trail of her lost prize animal.

Rich and snooty and obsessed with winning Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York,  the Super Bowl of canine competition, Mrs. Winograd has all the resources necessary to track down her valuable missing pooch.

And so she does, just when Greg's family has come to a truce about how to share Max and not get embroiled in a civil war. That's when Toby and Max become fugitives, only to be cornered when Max is caught in a department store impersonating a giant fluffy toy.

The dog goes back to Mrs. Winograd. Beth goes back to school, and acquires a boyfriend. Greg goes back to his old job. But one thing can't be mended so easily. Josh is heartbroken.

And so, it turns out, is Max - which has serious consequences. Max has been entered in the Westminster Dog Show, and is favored to win. But something is wrong. He is not performing.

It is here, in a final nail-biting sequence of events, in which Beth has to make an agonizing choice, that Beth and Josh save the situation - and receive an unexpected reward from Mrs. Winograd.

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