The Question of God (Sigmund Freud and C.S.Lewis)

The documentary production company with whom I had a long relationship, and had worked on other television documentaries before, Tatge-Lasseur Productions, was approached by WGBH, Boston, to attempt a television version of the ideas contained in a series of lectures that were popular at Harvard at the time. The lectures, or seminars, were given by Armand Nicholi, a Professor of Psychiatry, and were devoted to examining opposing concepts of God, as contained in the world views of C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud.

We tried a number of approaches, none of which really satisfied the producers, myself, or Dr. Nicholi. Much research was conducted, many scenes, both dramatic and documentary in style, were written, rehearsed, and filmed. In the end the version that was aired relied heavily on verity-style recordings of Dr. Nicholi's seminar, interspersed with selected scenes from the lives of the two thinkers, and to-camera monologues by actors portraying them.

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