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Selected quotes from press coverage of Featured Projects



Written by

Kenneth Cavander

Directed by

Casey Stangl

Undeniably ambitious ... it’s prime stuff —



“FIVE STARS… brilliantly directed… a trip well worth taking, revealing the entire story of the classic legend one riveting layer at a time. It is a rich and deep dramatic presentation  Looking for real entertainment that is also concurrently truly mentally stimulating? Then get yourself over to the Antaeus Theatre and enjoy “The Curse of Oedipus.” Its tales of intrigue and human foibles remain vital even today. ” —



“Splendid drama… a spellbinding production… build[s] to a crescendo of thematic power and complexity… impressively accomplished… vigorously audacious” —



“WOW… Spending time with the Ancients has rarely if ever been as exhilarating as it is in Kenneth Cavander’s The Curse Of Oedipus. Cavander tells his three-generational saga in language both contemporary and classic [as it] moves lickety-split from dramatic start to thrilling finish, sparked by all-around superb performances.” —



“Playwright Kenneth Cavander's found the ideal collaborator in The Antaeus Company for finessing his smartly-written, easily comprehensible, two-and-a-half hour narrative. The original themes (lust for power, right and wrong, the priorities of love over loyalties) need no updating to the current times.”—



“A brawny and muscular drama … Coming in at 2½ hours, which flies-by without notice, Antaeus has solidified its reputation as a producer of radiant theatre. Suicide, murder, eyes punctured, deadly brotherly rivalry… and it’s all such fun!... see this!”—



“In a daring move, writer-translator Kenneth Cavander has taken up these [original] plays—and other ancient sources—and blended them into a single, epic drama. His concise, direct, athletic renderings present them new-minted, with a curiously modern thrust.  There’s plenty of grim laughter along with the blood and death.”—



“Casey Stangl's beautiful, skillful staging — performed confidently and clearly… droll repartee… smart and lean. The blend of sounds and words allows the emotions underlying Cavander's play to swell and retreat, like breathing.” —




Florence Nightingale (BBC1)

Rebellious genius, aristocrat, and early feminist Florence Nightingale defies convention and the combined power of the British government to revolutionize the practice of medicine.


Stunning drama

Daily Express, London


Emotively involving crisis of faith

Sunday Daily Express, London


An intense, rewarding portrait

The Observer London



Boccaccio (Arena Stage, Washington, D.C./ Music by Richard Peaslee)

First seen at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, based on tales from Boccaccio's Decameron, directed by the author, and subsequently produced at several regional theatres and on Broadway.


Sophisticated, hilarious, immensely clever

Washington Post


Throw caution to the winds and go see Boccaccio

Baltimore Sun




The File on Jill Hatch (PBS/BBC co-production)

3-part series for television tracing the tumultuous history of an interracial marriage between an African-American G.I. and a white English girl through two generations after WW2.


The subject has rarely been explored dramatically with more candor and more raw power

The New York Times



Los Angeles Times


A riveting and complex tale.

New York Daily News



The Greeks (Royal Shakespeare Company / with John Barton)

3-evening series of plays for London's Royal Shakespeare Company inspired by 10 classic Greek dramas.


The story, addressed to a public coming fresh to the legends, is spellbinding.

London Times


Astonishing, daring, and brilliant.

Weekend Review, London


A marvellous narrative and a healing myth.

The Guardian, London



Simple Gifts (TheOpen Eye Theatre, New York)

A love story set in the strange and enigmatic world of the Shakers, who combined austere discipline with haunting songs and wild flights of imagination as they communed with the Saints and their founding genius, Mother Ann. The Open Eye, New York, directed by the author.


Mr. Cavander has created something extraordinary.

Darien News



The Legend of Oedipus (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

2-evening epic drama that combines all the parts of the famous myth scattered among the ancient traditions into a seamless narrative, linked by satiric commentary from watching Olympians. Williamstown Theatre Festival



Berkshire Eagle


A remarkable achievement

New Haven Register


Theatre as it should be

Berkshire Week



Agamemnon and his Daughters (Arena Stage, WA, D.C.)

The story of the great general and the bloody aftermath of his sacrifice of his daughter for the sake of an ill-conceived war, leading in the end to a miraculous resolution, reconceived for a post 9/11 audience. Arena Stage, Washington, D.C.


Agamemnon and his Daughters is flat out entertaining.

Washington Post


Kenneth Cavander's madly paced, entertaining adaptation ... tells the story.

Washington Times


It sure as hell is gripping.

Washington City Paper



Jenny's Song (WBZ-TV/Ch.4 Boston)

Teenager learns how to cope with the loss of a parent. (Starring Ben Vereen)


A poignant drama.

Patriot Ledger Paper




BAFTA Nominee 2008

Selected - New York International Film Festival 2009


CINE Golden Eagle Award

Movieguide Award nominee

New York Festivals Silver World Award

Aurora Gold Award


NETC 2002 Aurand Harris Playwriting Award

Beverly Hlls Theatre Guild Award

Winner, Pittsburgh New Play Contest


Runner up Nathan Miller Historical Play 2006, Sprenger Lang Foundation Washington D.C.


Cine Guild Golden Eagle Award


County Film Commission Artistic Talent Award


1st Prize - Trieste International Science Film Festival, 1967



Nominated for writing:

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle

Stage Raw/LA Weekly Awards

The Arts in LA "Sage" Awards for 2014


New & Upcoming

Latest commissions, ideas, concepts, sketches, scripts under construction - Kenneth Cavander is always exploring new subject matter. Among the projects engaging him at present ... Read More


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    The Curse of Oepdipus

    • Nominated Best Play, Best Production, including a LA Drama Critics Circle.
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    The Tempest

    • Version of the play by William Shakesepare for contemporary audiences
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    Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

    • Arthurian legend mixes high drama, romance, and danger.
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    C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

    • The story of his struggle to solve the mystery of earthly and divine love.
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    The Greeks

    • The story of the Trojan War as dramatized in 10 classic Greek plays, with Christopher Reeve as Achilles.
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    Hawthorne Country

    • Inspired by stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Allison Janney and Richard Thomas starred.